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David Beckham reveals he builds LEGO models to relieve stress

What’s the contrast between David Beckham and a Lego toy? David Beckham doesn’t head off to pieces in the case.

The previous Real Madrid and Manchester United footballer is still an enormous aficionado of the building blocks toy, however.

Beckham, 38, has uncovered how he is using his retirement – playing Lego to cool him off.

“The point when the children return from school, we’ll frequently play one of their favourite recreations, for instance Connect 4,” he said. “They likewise love Lego. So do I. The last enormous thing I made was Tower Bridge. It was astounding. I think Lego off and on again serves to quiet me down.”

Lego’s Tower Bridge costs £210, has 4,287 pieces and is proposed for individuals matured over 16. In any case its not the most amazing model Becks has finished. That is a 5,900-piece Taj Mahal which is currently an authority’s thing.

Beckham moved once more to the UK from Los Angeles a year ago with wife Victoria and youngsters Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. They now live in an extravagance west London home.

“One thing I truly adore about being once again here is the pubs,” he said.

“I even have a few locals that I head off to. The individuals there know me, so its simple enough to go in and have a half quart.”

Impeccably turned-out Becks additionally uncovered it just takes him “five minutes” to get prepared – and that Brooklyn doesn’t like his father dropping him off at school since its “not cool”.

The article by Beckham in the Sunday Times likewise portrays his fellowship with Tom Cruise. “Perhaps once a week, we’ll meet companions for lunch,” he said. “When we were existing in LA, Tom Cruise existed two minutes away. He’s a great companion.

“There were events when I’d ring him and inquire as to whether he had another motion picture that wasn’t out yet, and I’d go adjust and watch it with him.”

He included that he had met Prime Minister David Cameron “truly a couple times too”, however included: “He’s a truly delightful gentleman, yet I’m not certain I could head off and welcome myself to Number 10 in the same